One day a long time ago (2015) in a place far far away (Baltimore), an ambitious young lady with curly hair and freckles met her friend in a cafe that used to have inspirational quotes on their coffee cup sleeves.

They were both bummed to find that the quotes were a seasonal promotion, and the sleeves on their coffee cups had returned to blank. A few weeks later, that same lady with the wild curly hair ordered coffee from her neighborhood cafe, and found an advertisement on her sleeve that had nothing to do with her city. "What gives?" she asked the cafe owner. "They were given to us for free," he replied. 

From this she gathered, that all she had to do to get a nice message distributed on a coffee cup sleeve, was to donate them to her favorite cafe. Challenge excepted. Thousands of blank coffee cup sleeves turned into magic later, Have A Nice Day Project is the coolest way to send well wishes to another person in your city. 

And then....

The project gained momentum, and we started hosting Have A Nice Day in several locations around the city, including Koba Cafe, Sweet Caroline's, Bar Liquorice, REV Cycle Studio, Betamore, The Elephant and more. We are super thankful to all the friends, colleagues and community partners who over the years have helped keep this project going. We love connecting with people in the community, and also bringing them together in the spirit of giving back. 

In 2017, we expanded the project to include Dojo4 in Boulder, CO and a kindergarten class in Brooklyn, NY. Let's keep the good vibes flowing.